Corporate Social Responsibility

Serving the community in any manner, however small it may be is an integral part of our work. At Singhvi & Co, we leverage our talent, geographic reach and resources to make an affirmative and enduring brunt on many of today’s societal and economic challenges. Through our corporate social responsibility program, we inspire firm colleagues to make a difference, and collaborate with clients who share the same commitment to social justice and to take a step ahead in order to help the environment flourish.

Our global corporate social responsibility program is composed of three pillars:

  • Pro Bono Litigation in which we advance the fundamental rights of and opportunities for persons in need and extend legal as well as financial help and ensure balance in the society.
  • Unity in Diversity in which we promote and educate our associates the respect which is required for development and appreciation of different religions and cultures and cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Sustainable Development in which we diminish, reuse and reprocess the energy and natural resources necessary for our business, and collaborate with clients as well as organizations on various environmental projects with the ultimate aim to serve the society and to provide for our future generations, an environment to live freely.